Making a presentation in reveal.js

So, I was asked to make a presentation in reveal.js.

I went home and thought that it would be a difficult task but in the end I ended up doing it just in two hours.

You have to keep in mind that in this post I am not going to discuss about how to setup reveal.js and will not talk about the other features discussed in the documentation of the reveal.js.

So, first of all go reveal.js GitHub page and download the latest version of the code on the website.

Here is the link for reveal.js GitHub repository.

The downloaded file would be a zip file. If in windows, open the file simply by double clicking it.

If in Linux use these commands in the terminal to open the file. First of all download the unziper by using this command.

sudo apt-get install unzip

Then use this code to unzip the file by giving a name of the destination folder.

unzip -d destination_folder

After unzip open the folder and you will find a index.html file inside.

Open this file in your text editor. Inside the body tags delete every section it.


Now create each section using beginning and ending section tag. Each section is equivalent to one slide.

This is the way in which reveal.js presentation is created.

Ranvir Singh

Meteors : The full stack JavaScript framework



So, first framework that I came across was Meteor.js

Meteor.js is the full stack framework which make use of the whole stack and implements it in a better and a simple way.

Some of the feature of meteor.js are :-

1. It is a very mature framework with a lot of facilities.
2. Server side and client code is same.
3. Server side code is based on Node.js So, no need to learn any other language.
4. Fb, google authentication is already available.
5. Deployment of the app is very easy. After making the app you can deploy it on
6. Documentation is great and is easy to learn.
7. Android or ios app can be made.

There are also many times when you don’t want to use Meteor. for example:-

1. When you want to build a website and not a app which you want to work on allmost every device.

2. If you want a app in which you want lesser server interaction because this technology uses a lot of the space in the RAM making the system slower.


So, you should start a project in meteor.js . You can work in this framework if you have some prior knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you have that then its the time to get your hands dirty by writing some of the syntax in the language.


Ranvir Singh




Frameworks : Make my task easier

The next task that I was asked to complete was to read about the most famous full stack JavaScript frameworks that can be used to make the work simpler.

First of all, We must know who is a full stack developer.

–So, a full stack developer is someone that works both on the front-end(design) and the back end(working on the database).

Full satck in JavaScript can be done with the help of four technologies referred as MEAN.js

Which include

M – MongoDB – which can be used in the database management
E – express – Back-end web framework (makes node.js’s work simpler)
A – Angular – The front-end JavaScript framework
N – Node.js – Server side scripting language.

Any framework that make use of this stack can be considered as a full stack js framework.

Read about the first JavaScript full stack framework by clicking here.


Ranvir Singh.