Installing SageMath and Biber into the system

The next task which was easy and was done in short interval of time was the installation of SageMath and biber. I followed the instructions given in the readme file and used the commands one by one was able to install them.

Commands used to install SageMath using ppa repository are :
sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:aims/sagemath
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sagemath-upstream-binary

Command used to install biber are :
sudo apt-get install biber

Installing LaTex to your system

Installing LaTex was a fairly easy task to accomplish but was very time consuming because of the slow speed of the internet. It took me more then five hours to install this software into the system. The command used was :

sudo apt-get install texlive-full

After applying this command the system asked me for the password and asked me again to continue the download of more than 3000 MB.

I used this tutorial as a reference while installing LaTex.

New Task : DesignAids

I was given a new task to run and use DesignAids on my system.

This links to the GitHub repository of DesignAids.

According to the file I have to install some preliminary softwares before trying my hand with the DesignAids. These softwares include LaTex, SageMath and biber.

So, I am going to install the first software i.e. LaTex. The internet connection is weak due to the weather problem so I have to wait for long time before this task is complete.

Installing LaTex.
Installing SageMath and Biber.

After doing all these things I had to clone this DesignAids repository to my local computer. I created a directory in documents folder and clonned the repository inside it using the command.

git clone

After cloning I changed directory inside this folder and then used these command to run main.tex file

1)pdflatex main.tex
2)biber main
3)sage main.sagetex.sage
4)pdflatex main.tex


After this I used make command to run this file.

make view
make clean

Screenshot from 2016-05-31 02-29-42